Travel must haves, the K-drama way!

Korean way of travelling is a little different from the rest. Unless you are influenced by an Asian or Korean, one won’t know how fun it is to travel the Korean drama way. So as summer is fast approaching,  here are some of the things a Korean drama fan must have when it comes to travelling.

1. Monopod – the selfie gadget

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I haven’t seen any Korean drama, wherein the characters have used a monopod. This is in the list because Korea is known for selca (self capturewhich now known as ‘selfie’.


2. Backpack – the Park Shin Hye travel

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Backpack is quite common but it is always a must have in any Korean drama, may it be in school, work or even travelling.

Park Shin Hye as Lee Gyu Won also had a back pack when she travelled to Jeju island in the Korean drama Heartstrings.


3. High heeled rubber shoes – be a KPOP star



Koreans are so into looks, which includes height and everything nice. A rubber shoes which has a hidden heel is perfect for any Korean drama themed getaway.

4. Sunscreen from Etude House

Asian cosmetics for Asian skin

Asian cosmetics for Asian skin (sorry for the img quality)

This isn’t only a Sunscreen but is a BB base which makes the skin perfect in a single application. It also smells good and feels very light upon applying on your face.

5. Polaroid – capture yourself.

Though we already have a Monopod in the list, Polaroid should also be in the list because some things aren’t just meant to be shared to everyone and some pictures should just be printed sooner.

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Have a happy vacation the Korean way! :)


Just a week before leaving the country, my friends and I visited the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines which is located in Global City; Just near St. Luke’s Med.; so for some readers who are planning to go there with no spoiling intention meant here are the things to look forward to!

HOW TO GO THERE: For us, we went to Trinoma and took a ride at the MRT station going to Ayala Avenue. From there, we ride a Korean-like bus and take a few walk to reach the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines.

  • Learn to ask when you are commuting. We asked about 5 persons just to get there.

Our first impression, it was like the YG Entertainment Building! But only to find out that the KCC itself is located at the second floor. If you’ve seen documentary shows featuring KCC with human sized K-POP artists, you’ll be disappointed like us. Because we didn’t see anything like that, because according to them it was a part of their exhibit that happened last November.

  • Bring your ID to be able to enter. MUST HAVE!

GLOBAL CITY, really disciplined city,

Looks like YG Ent. Bldg.


The staff and the people there are so hospitable and kind. They let us enter to their kitchen rooms where Korean cooking class is taking place and their Auditorium-like place where Korean performances are held.




If there is one place there that we could enter, it is the library. The librarian there was not that talkative since he’s a male, but when he knew we are Thomasians, he tends to talk and tell so much stories. Well, he graduated from the University of the Philippines and he’s the only person who has the sore control to that special library. He’s the cataloger, acquisitionist, and head librarian.  He knows Korean and he talks to the Korean peeps there like he is one of them. He’s actually the one who’s buying the collections there from South Korea, which makes us envy him!

The library has a lot of Korean books, from the century typed books, to fashion, k-pop, Korean art & foods. Name it! All about Koreans, they have it. But what stricken us the most is their AUDIO-VISUAL collection where almost all of the hit Korean Movie dvds are there, even the Korean dramas, but recent dramas aren’t there yet. Maybe, if it already hit the Philippine TV, they will be going to purchase it.

DVD’s and K-POP cd’s can be watched there. If you want to borrow you can borrow it for only 100 pesos, making the librarian propose a rule that these materials will not be allowed to borrow because of the fact that one might not return it. So, as you read this, the rules there might have changed already.

Click the pictures for larger view.

Check out our fandom in the KCC!

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Greetings from 2PM and b2st: Credits to the uploader.

Don’t just be contented reading and looking at the pictures! Experience it by yourself.

Korean drama, ‘Heartstrings’ same scenes with You’re Beautiful & We Got Married?

I’m now in the 12th episode of Heartstrings and the sweet scenes Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye are portraying (Lee Gyu Won & Lee Sin) makes my mind remember some scenes from He’s Beautiful/You’re Beautiful & We Got Married‘s YongSeo.

First and foremost, I am a great fan of Park Shin Hye and I don’t have any intention to bash her with Yongseo pictures.  I just want to show some scenes, I was talking about.

Let’s begin with the scene of Go Mi Nam & Shin Woo from He’s Beautiful/You’re Beautiful to HeartstringsLee Gyu Won & Lee Sin moment.

HAHAHA! Now, you know what I mean.

The next pictures, to come is from YongSeo‘s marriage in We Got Married.



Lee Gyu Won & Lee Sin before going to school date.

Yong Hwa & SeoHyun Japan date.


Lee Sin & Gyu Won.

Yong Hwa and Seohyun.

Please mind observing the guitar from the two pictures.


Lee Sin & Gyu Won

Yong Hwa & Seohyun

I won’t be making any conclusion, with these pictures. It is up to your naughty minds what to think. But I love to see Yong Hwa’s character, Lee Sin in Heartstrings driving a car! He really learned to have a car aa. And Park Shin Hye is really a great actress, she acts like everything’s real.

Until here. I suggest for those readers, to watch Heartstrings. It is a nice feel drama that would make a teenager fall in love.



Putting my theorize pictures to other blog sites would be fun but please know how to give credit. Check my tumblr, I’m updating picture blogs there! CLICK HERE!

JANG GEUN SUK was mentioned in You’re Beautiful co-actors Yong Hwa & Shin Hye’s press conference.

JANG GEUN SUK was mentioned in HEARTSTRINGS’ press conference.
I was expecting Yong Hwa’s ex-wife Seo Hyun to be name dropped in the Heartstring PressCon, but it turns  out Jang Geun Suk’s name was the one mentioned. Of course! By none other than PARK SHIN HYE. :)

Upcoming drama “Heartstrings” held its press conference today, June 23rd, at the Novotel Ambassador Hotel in Seoul. At the event, reporters questioned CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa and co-star Park Shin Hye’s relationship. The two lead actors are known to be close friends since working on “You’re Beautiful” in 2009 with Hallyu stars Jang Geun Suk and FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki.

On various internet communities, many fans questioned whether Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye were in a relationship. Jung Yong Hwa answered, “I think that topic came up because we’re really close friends. I feel comfortable with her, just like I would be with any of my guy friends. I don’t have a lot of celebrity friends, and Park Shin Hye is one of them.”

Park Shin Hye replied, “I like Jung Yong Hwa as a friend, but no so much as a boyfriend. It’s because he’s type A [blood type],” garnering smiles and laughs from reporters. She added, “People also thought I was dating Jang Geun Suk, but that rumor started because we were close friends.

Yesterday was also Jung Yong Hwa’s birthday, but he spent the entire day filming. He confessed he was slightly upset that no one remembered. However, Park Shin Hye, fellow bandmate Kang Min Hyuk, and others surprised him with a birthday cake. He said, “I had no idea they planned this because Park Shin Hye pretended to be mad and wouldn’t talk to be the entire day.”

Singer-actor Jung Yong Hwa plays Lee Shin, the cold-hearted, snobby guitar prodigy. Park Shin Hye stars as the Lee Kyu Won, an energetic and full of life music student studying the gayageum, a traditional twelve-stringed Korean instrument. The two will share a bickering, yet cute romance as a college campus couple who share a passion for music and love. “Heartstrings” also stars Song Chang Ui, So Yi Hyun, Woori, and Kang Min Hyuk of CNBlue. This highly anticipated youth melodrama will air its first episode next Wednesday, June 29th, on MBC at 9:55PM KST.


YONG HWA AND SHIN HYE’S Festival drama update

Though, at first I was annoyed, because this drama is one of the reasons why the YongSeo couple must be seperated, and after getting too hooked to Jang Geun Suk – Park Shin Hye team up… as they fangirl. I decided to be up-high in supporting this drama.



Fans will get the chance to rename the upcoming MBC drama Festival starring Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye. Log onto MBC’s homepage ( anytime between March 30th to April 10th to participate. A lucky few will get the chance to win goodies – anything from signed CNBlue CDs to Park Shin Hye’s personal belongings.

This contest is the perfect opportunity for die-hard fans to show off their creativity. Representatives of the production claimed, “We want to differentiate our drama from existing mellow dramas about young love. We are anticipating a lot of clever and witty titles that will fit well with our dramas. The production staff is hoping many people, regardless of age, participate.”

It’s been two years since Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye have acted alongside each other in You’re Beautiful (2009), and Shin Woo-Mi Nam fans are anxiously waiting for these two to finally pair up. Festival, soon to be renamed, is about young love, friendships and dreams and takes place in at an arts college. It’s pilot episode will air June 22nd.

Cr: Soompi

Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi

The “Yongseo Couple” comes to an end on We Got Married 2


And I can’t believe that I haven’t seen the ending ( coz I dont want to) but I stillfeel the sadness as I read the article form soompi.
As they ended, I made a simple tribute for my favorite couple. :(


The song Yong Hwa composed for Seo Hyun in an english version.
* read the article afterwards*

The beloved “Yongseo couple” officially ended their marriage on the latest episode of MBC’s “We Got Married 2”. Their last day was divided into two parts, and in the previous episode, the couple received the mission to ‘present the happiest day to one another’.

Yonghwa and Seohyun agreed to go back to where they first met, and relived their memories by visiting the MBC lobby as well as CNBLUE’s practice room.

When they were in the practice room, Seohyun presented Yonghwa with a special surprise! She had practiced arduously to learn more guitar chords so that she could sing and perform their ‘banmal song’. Yonghwa smiled as he listened to his wife shyly sing and play for him. Yonghwa later gave Seohyun a pink guitar that she wanted in addition to flowers and a large teddy bear, Seohyun returned the favor by giving Yonghwa a storybook of their time together on the show.

Seohyun previously stated that she wouldn’t cry but she shed her tears when reminiscing about their time on the show. They initially said their goodbye’s but Seohyun came out for one last bow to which Yonghwa gave her a hug.


I just can’t wait for this one, that is said to air on June 2011. Omo! Could you imagine? Two of my most loved stars will have a show on June, my birthday month. There’s no confirmation yet, but Park Shin Hye along with Yong Hwa (what about WGM’s Goguma) and Lee Seung Gi with Gong Hyo Jin of Pasta! :)

On the other hand, May this year Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter is also expected to air with Park Min Young. My fangirling side can’t let this shows pass me by. :D